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Sub Ohm Vaping – What is it? A Must Read Guide for You!

With the release of the Kanger Subtank and the Aspire Atlantis, the term sub-ohm vaping is flooding the Internet and social media.  Vaping technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and many of us have a tough time keeping up with all the new jargon.  But what is sub-ohm vaping exactly? Well, if you are

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How TPD and UK Vapers Will Be Affected by the Brexit?

How TPD and UK Vapers Will Be Affected by the Brexit?

  In a recent controversial vote, the voters in the UK decided to leave the European Union. What this means is that the UK will now enter a complicated series of negotiations in order to ascertain how to economically sever themselves from the European Union entirely. Even though many vapers voted on this initiative in

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E – Shisha Pen – Our Ultimate Guide

The E-Hookah,  Shisha pen or Sheesha pen( some even refer to it as a “smoke pen”) is the latest crazy trend that has hit the market recently, and this is a pretty new concept. The phrase E-hooker didn’t exist before 2012, but now its popularity has exploded as the sales rise to three digits each

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e cig vs smokes

What is the difference between smoking and vaping?

If you’re one of the many people thinking about making the switch from smoking to vaping, this question is likely to be at the forefront of your mind. There are a number of differences, from the ingredients used to the way of smoking them. So, vape vs smoke? Which one is it? Read on through

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The Best Fruit Flavoured E-Liquid of 2016

Before we get all fruity, but while we are still talking liquid I’d like to take some time off and invite you to check out two of my latest articles  one on menthol liquids other on tobacco e-liquids. There are so many different flavours of e-liquid or e-juice on the market that sometimes it can

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Best Tobacco E liquid in 2016 – Which one is it?

If you follow our page you have noticed, that we recently have written several articles on e-cig flavours. If you are a keen reader here are the last two  – best fruit e liquid, best menthol e -liquid. Also if you happen to be a complete noobie and know nothing about e-cigs, we got you

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Which is the Best Menthol E- liquid of 2016?

  With so many varied and  wonderful flavours available on the market for e-cigarettes, it can be confusing to choose just one. That’s were we come in. This article will be solely dedicated to menthol e liquids. However if you are also interested in other options, we haved created articles for the best fruit e liquid

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Which is The Best E-Cigarettes in 2016? The most comprehensive Guide out There.

  Hey there, welcome to – the UK’s #1 source for e-cigarette knowledge. At e-cigsabc you’ll find everything you’re looking for; from detailed e cigarette reviews, analysis of the best e cigarette brands, and how to choose the best e cigarette for you.  Whether you are already a seasoned vapour enthusiast, just getting started or simply looking

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Royal College of Physicians building

Royal College of Physicians Encourages Smokers to switch to e-cigarettes!

Tobacco smoking is perhaps a prime example of natural isn’t always better. Numerous adverts showcasing the harmful side effects not forgetting decades of lawsuits have tarnished the use of tobacco. Tobacco smokers finding it difficult to quit smoking will be happy to know that there is now a better healthier option available in the market

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wales landmark

Welsh ban on the use of e-cigarettes publicly , defeated by Vaping Advocacy group.

Vaping through e-cigarette is gaining momentum all around the world, including Wales , , the UK and the entire Europe. With the increasing use of e-cigarette comes the several challenges, and that is the gang up by the government and tobacco companies to influence a ban on the products , just to ensure that they

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