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 There is so much information out there today. Before coming to our site, readers couldn’t decide on which e cigarette was the best choice for them. Which ones have the highest quality throat hit? Which brands put their e cigs through the most quality assurance tests? Is there a big difference in battery performance? Is vapour volume important? The answer to all of these questions can be found.

 Our experts have compiled e cigarette reviews from all of the UK’s e cigarette brands so that you can choose the best e cigarette for you. They have spared no detail in bring you the most in-depth analysis.

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 The importance of e cigarette reviews

 E cigarettes are a growing trend in the UK. In 2015 there were an estimated 2.6 million adults in Great Britain currently use electronic cigarettes and there are dozens of companies looking to serve this growing market. Of course, they all claim to be the best, so which one will you choose? Worry not, we’re here to help.

 When you stop and think about e cigarette brands, they haven’t been around the UK for a very long time. The industry itself is relatively new. In other markets around the world, like in the US, certain brands have distinguished themselves from the rest of the pack. One could argue that here in the UK there isn’t one brand that has risen head and shoulders above the rest of the players out there.

 That is the reason for our site. We know how difficult it can be to choose the best electronic cigarette when everything out there is so convoluted. That is why reading e cigarette reviews before making your decision, or even heading out to the nearest vape store, is not very prudent – it is crucial to making a good decision.

 The reviews you will read here have been put together by the UK’s leading vape experts. Our team of reviewers have a wide range of expertise in the vape industry. Most importantly though, they are e cig users. They know what it is like to transition from traditional cigarettes to e cigarettes. They have tried the rest and know which are the best.

 Our team of reviewers have laid out their reviews in easy to understand formats so that the information you are looking for is easily accessible. This format makes it very easy to compare between the e cigarette brands you are looking at.

 The goal is to make it easy for you to choose the the best e cigarette for you. Please explore the site and all of our reviews. We guarantee that you’ll leave with a firm understanding and solid direction in choosing the best e cigarette UK have to offer.

 What to look for in the best E-Cigarettes?

 If you read the section on the importance of reading e cigarette reviews you now have a good understand of why reviews are vital. Armed with that knowledge you can know start to look at analyzing e cigarette brands.

 What next? The most important thing to do at this point is to take a look at the different factors to consider when analyzing the best e cig out there. Different factores are important to different people so deciding what is important to you is the first step. Some people prefer having high quality flavours and a lot of choices over the best possible throat hit. Others prefer a more ‘authentic’ throat hit, one that resembles a real cigarette, over flavour. A brand’s customer service is also at the top of list. Are they going to be around if and when a problem arises? Some people don’t even consider that at all. Battery performance, responsiveness, vapour volume, quality assurance and guarantees… you can see how the list can get fairly long.

 There are some ‘jack of all trade’ cigarettes which perform well in all of the categories and a not considered the best in any. These ones provide a very consistent performance. However, if you are looking for the e cigarette with the best vapour volume, the consistent performers may be lower on the list for you.

 When you are reading the reviews, make sure the review considers the factors that are important to you, otherwise the review shouldn’t hold as much water in your decision making.

 Experience goes a long way. If you are just starting out you may not know exactly what you are looking for. Over time and with more experience you will develop preferences for certain factors over others. Keep referring back here as you adjust what you are looking for and our experts will surely be able to point you in the right direction.

 All in all, our experts agree that there are three factors that are considered to be more important to most vapour enthusiasts. In no particular order, they are battery performance, vapour volume, and flavours. That said, if you don’t yet know exactly what you are looking for you can always revert back to those default factors as they seem to provide a great start when choosing the best e cigarette and e cigarette brands.

 Let’s take a look at the main factors with a little more detail, shall we?

Battery Performance:

logic pro ecig battery

 In the same way that battery performance varies from smartphone to smartphone, an e cigarette battery will give you longer or shorter lasting times. As with smartphones, e cigarette battery performance is one of, if not the most important factor among our top three. E cigarette brands use different batteries, some less expensive than others, which makes vaping time vary significantly. Even when certain brands use the same battery, one may tweak it differently than another which changes performance.

 Beyond considering lasting time, there are two more important considerations; responsiveness and charging time. Our experts have found that some brands use batteries which alter the responsiveness of the e cigarette. In these cases, you will need to puff more often before you receive any real vapour affects. Of course, the best e cigarette brands use higher powered batteries. These end up providing more instantaneous responsiveness and longer lasting performance overall.

 Charging time is also important to consider if you are someone who is always on the go. You don’t want to have to sit around waiting for your e cig to charge up of you can avoid that. If you are not always about, this shouldn’t be much of an issue to you.

Vapour Volume:


In relation to vapour volume, you can choose to trust what the brand claims if you wish. Of course, there are many who claim an enormous vapour cloud after every exhale. Our expects found that what a company claims can’t always be taken as fact.

 Vapour volume itself depends on a few different factors; it has to do with battery strength as well as the density and quality of the e liquid inside of the cartomizer. Consider this; you could be buying a great e cigarette with great e liquid density but a weak battery. On the other hand, you could be buying the top of the line battery with poor e liquid quality. Luckily, our expert e cigarette reviews lay all of that out so that you can buy the best e cigarette from the e cigarette brands of your choosing.



 To some, the most important factor is flavour. Actually, if you have taste buds this section is for you. When looking at a brand it is important to consider the range of flavours and options they make available for purchase. Beyond the variety of choice, what is the quality of the flavours they offer?

 When determining the quality of flavour, our experts consider how many puffs you will get from each cartomizer or e liquid filling. Brands sometimes offer both pre-filled cartomizers as well as e liquids, some offer one or the other. Be wary of the infamous ‘burnt’ tasted near the end of the cartomizer. Does the flavour advertised actually resemble the flavour we are used to? Which brands produce the best flavours? All of these are factors when writing e cigarette reviews and evaluating the flavour of the a certain brand.

To help you out , we have created so called “best of the best” lists for e-liquid flavours. Check them out here:

 You will find that the e cigarette reviews on our site will help you through sorting out all of this information. After reading them you will be armed with the most up to date information necessary to choose the best e cigarette UK has in the market. You may even find yourself partial to a certain one of the many e cigarette brands.

E-cigsabc evaluations

The internet is an amazingly vast space constantly being filled with more and more information. One has to be wary as to where that information is coming from and who is posting it. When you are reading evaluations and rankings on our site you can rest assured that they are all based on the most thorough analysis. Our expert reviewers have amassed the most combined e cigarette experience on the market.

 Our reviewers take the time to consider what is important to their readers. They review all of the top e cigarette brands and carefully consider each and every factor of the product they are reviewing. They go to painstaking lengths to make sure their reviews are as accurate as possible so that you can trust what we put in our reviews. They have put forth all of that effort so that you don’t have to.

 Once they have compiled all of their research we combine it all to give you our exclusive rankings and evaluations. The results are all according to the essential characteristics outlined from the beginning of the process. You will find how those characteristics are all broken down in each individual review. All of the reviews are easy to understand and will guide you in your decision.

 If at any point throughout your exploration of our reviews you have a question or a doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts love the interaction and the feedback they get from helping a fellow vapour enthusiast. So, we encourage your comments, shares and/or posts of our reviews, anytime.


How Our Experts Evaluate Electronic Cigarettes

Battery Performance/Vapour/Throat Hit

 You may be wondering why we have grouped these three categories together. Well, here’s a great learning opportunity. While they are indeed unique categories, all three are very closely interconnected. Right off, that makes this section fairly important.

 So, how does battery performance, vapour and throat hit all come together? Glad you asked because our experts are well versed in this area. They all have suffered the lows of poor performing batteries that lead to poor performing e cigarettes. You’ll want to make sure to read the right reviews to ensure you avoid the same mistakes. Let’s explore this topic a bit further.

 The strength and durability of battery directly affects how much vapour you get and the power of that ever so important throat hit. They, combined with battery performance are indeed the most important aspects for customers looking to buy an e cigarette.

 Of course, the customer is always right. When customers know what they are looking for in vapour volume and/or throat hit, they need to make sure they consider battery performance. That is why our experts provide in-depth insight into battery performance and how it affects volume and throat hit. They also make sure to dive into charging times, responsiveness and lasting times among other details.

 So, if you want to find out which e cigs have the best battery performance, vapour volume and the optimal throat hit you are already in the right place.


 For many vapour enthusiasts, flavour is by far the most important feature when researching and deciding to buy an electronic cigarette. Buyer beware; not all flavour is the same.

 E cigarettes flavours can range from popular tobacco flavouring made to emulate your favourite traditional cigarette, to coffee, chocolate, vanilla all the way down the line to Coca-cola. No matter what the flavour, the quality of your experience will be directly related to the quality of the flavour itself.

 Some flavours are manufactured abroad in places like China, while some are manufactured by the e cigarette company themselves. Cheaply made and most often times imported flavours tend to lead to a lesser experience.

 Most leading brands tend to manufacture their own range of flavours. Theses in-house flavours almost automatically mean that the quality of the draw is much better. Not only that, it also tends to suggest that the quality of the cartomizers used is much better as well. Both of those factors lead to more bang for your buck.

 Our reviews will give you all of the most relevant and up to date information regarding the best e cig flavours on the market. Rest assured that you will know which are quality and which to avoid.

Nicotine Levels

 Choosing eliquid nicotine strength is essential to succeeding with the electronic cigarette. Knowing how much nicotine you are looking for is one thing. Finding the level of nicotine that you want is another all together. Many companies do not offer a variety of different nicotine levels in their line. Our reviews make sure to consider this.

 Unfortunately, some companies only offer one or two options to choose from. These options may fit your style, or not. Many users have different needs and wants when it comes to nicotines levels and one or two options simply won’t cut it. They want to be able to choose from a wide variety of levels, so as to meet their needs.

 Even more importantly, not all nicotine is the same as another. In other words, you may have two different companies offering the same amount of nicotine, say 18mg. However, their cartomizers may differ dramatically in taste and throat hit.

 Our experts know how much of an important factor this can be to your vape experience. That is why they leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring nicotine levels and how it relates to your positive experience. After all, when we need our nicotine, we need our nicotine.

Customer Service

 As a valued customer, how do you like to be treated? When we are excited about a new purchase we often don’t stop to think about how we will be treated by the company if a problem arises. Well, our reviews do this for you.

 Companies should value their customers and they show how much they do through the level of customer service they choose to provide. When you have a doubt, a question or a concern, you don’t want to have to jump through hoops or wait weeks to get an answer back, right? We all have the right to timely answers to our inquiries.

 In addition to providing an answer in a timely manner, good companies will offer a wide range of channels through which they can be accessed. Great customer service departments should be able to be reached via phone, e-mail, social media and live chat support so that they cater to the wide range of personalities they serve. Oh ya, they really should be available at reasonable hours as well. No point in having a variety of channels available if they are only open a couple of hours a day.

We only expect the best for our clients. That is why we do the same when evaluating an e cigarette company in our reviews. The plain truth is that not all companies go above and beyond for their customers. Our experts know which ones do and don’t and they will share that with you in our reviews.

Find out which companies have the best and worse customer service.


 The cheaper the better, right? Well, not always.


As a matter of fact, price is a very tricky component to deal with when evaluating. Sure the number is the number, we understand that. All of our reviews will list the price of the products on offer, without a doubt. What is more important in a lot of cases is the value of the e cigarette.

 E cigarettes and starter kits range in prices, of course you know this. However, when you consider the quality of every factor we consider in our expert reviews, value changes dramatically. If you buy a very inexpensive starter kit that doesn’t provide any quality product you will be worse off than if you buy an average priced kit with some good, quality products.

 Determining value comes with the experience that our reviewers pride themselves in having. When you are starting out on your vape journey, it is very difficult to decide where the value lies. That is where our reviews come in to save you day. Each review will let you know if they pricing is of good value or lesser value depending on the product offering so that we can help you make sure you are getting every once of pleasure out of ever pound you spend.

 Of course, whenever possible, we will make sure to provide discount codes for the items we are reviewing. Better value all around.

Money Back Guarantee & Warranty

 Yes, money – back – guarantee. Some consider this to be the single deciding factor to look at when deciding on your purchase. E cigarettes are very much a matter of choice and preference. Our reviewers know this and take this into consideration as much as possible when making their reviews. In the end, you will make the choice that fits your style the best.

 There are many brands. Our reviewers have their favourites and you will develop yours as well. In many ways, reviews serve to guide a vapour enthusiast along their journey to discovering which brand they love the best. Again, it all comes down to personal choice.

 Either way, when you do make your purchase, make sure there is a money back guarantee and a warranty on the product you buy. Exchange policies, guarantees and warranties provide us with the peace of mind that we are not throwing out hard-earned money away without getting anything in return.

 When you are making your purchase, do not be afraid to ask about the return policy and guarantee. Be sure to clear up any doubts. As always, our reviewers have taken those policies into consideration in their evaluations. It is as important to us as it is to you.


 As a society we are becoming less and less patient when it comes to waiting for something we’ve purchased to arrive. Thanks to companies like Amazon, we expect our purchased to arrive, and now.

 Ok, when we are talking about a book it can be one thing, but when we are talking about our nicotine, it is another thing entirely. The sooner that package arrives, the better.

 There are many brands that haven’t embraced the importance of that fact for most of its clients. Some take weeks to deliver orders. There are others, however, that understand the needs of their clients and have adopted some of the best shipping options available.

 So, it is up to you. Roll the dice on whether the company you are buying from will do everything they can to get your purchase to you as fast as possible or read our extensive reviews and find out before you make the purchase.

 So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about all of the expert reviews we have on our site. There is a lot more where that came from so make sure to keep checking back of all of the updates. We have put in all the gratifying work of reviewing the best e cigarettes out there. Now all you need to do is get reading the reviews.